Victoria Krawchuk is a theater designer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. e:

The Sleepy Hollow Project

Fall 2014, Calgary Young People’s Theatre

Directed by: Kristin Eveleigh

Set Design by: Braden Griffiths & Mike Tan

Costume Design by: Victoria Krawchuk

Lighting Design by: Ajay Badoni

Photos by: Gillian Webster

Design Process

Researched the 1790s-1800 silhouette and determined that although we couldn’t accomplish a period show, we could hint at it with the costume silhouette. Determined that we could use unusual materials to create silhouette (pvc pipe, deer barrier and landscaping fabric), and decided with director to head in a Tim Burton-cartoon-stylized look for the show, inspired by asymmetrical lines, high contrast, stripes, etc. Maintained this period-look meets modern by using elements of 1790s in neck cravats, tricorn and bicorn hats, shoe spats, etc, while mixing it with skinny jeans, t-shirts, and modern synthetic fabric. Alongside Curtis Smith, we sourced, built, and altered costumes from ebay finds, valuevillage, and CYPT’s stock costumes. There is more about the headless horseman and gunpowder horse mask at Little Lion Workshop.

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