Victoria Krawchuk is a theater designer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. e:

Our Town

Fall 2013, Mainstage, Rosebud Theatre

Directed by: Morris Ertman

Set & Costume Design by: Victoria Krawchuk

Lighting Design by: Ami Farrow

Photos by: Victoria Krawchuk

Design Process

Researched and discussed a 1940s look, with the director’s vision for a show that the audience could feel like their grandparents lived through. Agreed to a minimal colour palette (subdued costume palette, off-white props and furniture) that pulled focus to the idea of this being a moment in time, soon gone, like a photograph of the past. Worked with Head of Wardrobe, to pull, create working drawings, purchase fabric and assist in build of specific pieces for the show, design and consult on hairstyles, and makeup. Worked with set carpenter, scenic painter, props builder to create and paint a moving scrim, moving window sills, wood paneled floor and a lit clock that resembled the moon.

cell: 403.970.8562