Victoria Krawchuk is a theater designer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. e:

Canadian Badlands

Passion Play

Summer 2013

Directed by: Royal Sproule & Barrett Hileman

Set Design by: Adrian Young

Costume Design by: Victoria Krawchuk

Photos by: Ron Nickel

Design Process

The directors goal was to focus on a few elements of costume magic known as “Blue Reveals” throughout the show. The idea had began with the previous designer to add a hint of sky blue fabric to every character who had been healed by Jesus (who is wearing sky blue). The goal was to create sky blue highlights in costumes that looked like they came out of no where. After researching costume illusions, the Blue Reveals came in trial and error experiments with my costume team of eight, that helped develop and build magnet systems, weights, and cable systems that the actors could pull on to pull the fabric away to reveal an under-layer of sky blue fabric. Another Blue Reveal came in the form of hydrochromatic paint (when the dry paint touched water, it would go clear, revealing blue underneath).

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