Victoria Krawchuk is a theater designer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. e:

Big Fish: the Musical

Winter 2014, Medicine Hat High School

Directed by: Richard Grafton

Set & Lighting Design by: Richard Grafton

Costume Design by: Victoria Krawchuk

Photos by: Laurie Grafton


Design Process

Researched and established a 1950s to early 1960s world for everything to be inspired by (including mermaid, werewolf, circus looks). Discussed with Director the color palette and overall vision for characters, then worked with stock costumes to pull most of chorus costumes (warm neutrals for Ashton townsfolk, jewel tones for circus troupe, earthy browns for Wild West dream scene, black and dark purple/green for witches). Then built, sourced and purchased remaining costume pieces for leads and specific fantasy costumes (including soldier, Red Fang assassins), a total of 120 costume looks for the student and adult cast.

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