Victoria Krawchuk is a theater designer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. e:

2015 TransAlta Grandstand Show

at the Calgary Stampede

Directed by: Brian Foley

Produced by: Dave Pierce

Head of Design: Doug Paraschuk

Costume Design: Victoria Krawchuk

Lighting Design: Pierre Marleau

Props Design: Louis Beaudoin

Photos by: Kevin Bernhardt

Design Process

Designed costumes for numerous Guest Talent and 131 Young Canadians, (most of whom had 2-3 costumes each). The Opening Number was set at a train station in 1960s. The Inventions number, inspired by Art Deco and electro-swing themes, as well as modern kpop, was highlighted with LED elements in shoes, hats, wings, jetpacks, wristbands and necklaces. I assisted in the creation and sourcing of various costume pieces, as well as wigs, gloves, hats, bag and other accessories for the show.

cell: 403.970.8562